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A list of traders who ain't too smart

1. Ajack - agreed to send first but waited for my cards
2. Xephonix - backed out of trade without telling me
3. djjosh71 - wanted to trade Versago for Gate Guardian and 4 good ultras
4. Alpha et Omega - backed out of trade without telling me
5. LaxDude228 - suspicious activity, possible ripper
6. Boozletron - suspicious activity, possible ripper/ duplicate account
7. alex123 - chickened out of trade when he would need to send first
8. dark-jinzo-000 - backed out of trade without telling me
9. duelist_king_0 - general stupidity
10. tsklrs - "pot of greed for kycoo"
11. markbove2 - "snatch steal + toon mermaid for mechanical chaser tp1"
12. jmlsmw83 - wanted armyguy141 to send first on his thread
13. Metal_Dragon#1 - put me as a fake ref
14. ceasefire555 - fake refs
15. pasfs0/sustaitabros - suspicious activity, possible combined refs, 2 people using the same screen name
16. Dragon275 - "snatch steal 1/e + super for gate guardian"
17. illest_card - "lily + bazoo x2 for exodia set"
18. omegachaosmage - "catapult turtle + michizure + commons for tri-horn dragon + flame swordsman"
19. nick6913 - noobie trader who won't send first because he "doesn't like to"
20. Mr. Delusion - "mirror force + magic cylinder 1/e for exodia set"

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